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IAS 2015 Community Forum Building Partnerships between the Community and Scientists to Strengthen the Response to HIV18.07.2015 10:00The forum is open to the public. Participants must register for the event.
Achieving Quality and Demonstrating Impact in Global HIV Programs18.07.2015 12:30Public
Welcoming Dinner and Pre-Conference Event18.07.2015 17:00Public
HIV Transmission Model Workshop: Demo and Computer Lab21.07.2015 20:30Public
International HIV Nurse Educators’ Roundtable17.06.2015 10:30Invite-only
Consultation on the Clinical and Operational Considerations for the Implementation of Oral Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) in Sexually Active Older Adolescents (15-19) 17.07.2015 08:00Invite-only
2015 National Summit on HCV and HIV Diagnosis, Prevention and Access to Care04.06.2015 17:00Conference delegates
Wise Practices V: Aboriginal Community-based HIV/AIDS Research Gathering 15.07.2015 08:00Conference delegates
The 2nd International HIV/Viral Hepatitis Co-Infection Meeting17.07.2015 08:00Conference delegates
7th International Workshop on HIV Pediatrics17.07.2015 08:30Conference delegates
FALLEN ANGELS: Sacred + Profane Choral Works by Queer Composers17.07.2015 20:00Conference delegates
UN 90-90-90 Target Workshop: Lessons from the Field18.07.2015 08:30Conference delegates
Challenges and Opportunities in Rural HIV Health 18.07.2015 15:00Conference delegates
Sustaining HIV treatment for people who face significant health and social disparities19.07.2015 07:00Conference delegates